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April 13, 2018
Hi y'all, I am back and this time I am not hiding anymore.
Although it is very hard for me to show my face and be in front of the camera, I decided to do this to try and build up my confidence and continue with my love for fashion. I built this blog in the first place to try and be a positive influence to those who still are not confident enough in their bodies. Trust me, I am not at all that confident, but I always try to be and I try to show it with fashion.
As for the outfit, I sometimes like to go thrifting (don't mind the word) and found this outfit, which I loved. It doesn't matter where you buy the clothes, what matters if how you feel in them. If you feel comfortable and love how you look, then go ahead and buy the clothes. I bought the shoes at a shoe boutique in Mexico. I have no tags for the clothes, except for the jewelry which I got from PERDITI, a European brand which I have just recently discovered and loved.

To shop my jewelry from PERDITI, click the links below!

          Buy Trevi Necklace                                                                               Buy Le Cure Bangle

Have a Great Day!
- Alpha. xo

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