Military Green

April 17, 2018

Currently obsessed with these pants. As you guys might have guessed, I am a big thrifter and love finding items that are as cheap as possible because: one, I am a broke college student and two, I just love a bargain! Anyways, I have just found these pants at a thrift about a month ago, the green vest was purchased a long time ago, that I believe was also purchased at a thrift.
I think that what pulled this entire outfit together were my Champion white sneakers. They are honesty one of the most comfortable white kicks I have ever owned. Was really proud of that purchase, that I honestly cannot stop wearing them.

Just a reminder for y'all, fashion is not about buying the most expensive clothing or wearing the most high-end pieces. Fashion is about feeling comfortable, pretty and absolutely amazing with what you wear. If you love how you look and are feeling like a boss, then it doesn't matter where you purchase your clothing.

On another note, here's a little blooper for y'all. I have no idea what I was doing, but it gave me a good laugh to look at this picture... Enjoy.

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