Spring Fashion Trends to Summer

May 13, 2016

The Spring fashion trends were very bright and fresh that may as well be worn during Summer. For people that have a budget, you can use your spring outfits in summer and pass them as your summer outfits. If you don't have any of the items and you are still in a budget, I'll give you some options that will be budget friendly.

First in the trend are Ruffles. Ruffles have been used not only in this spring but in past years as well. Ruffles can make something a little more girly, like in example, if you have a white shirt on and its plain, it would just feel casual. But if the shirt has ruffles, it would feel more girly. Although you can make a plain shirt girly, but I won't talk about that, that will be in another post. Now I'll present to you some places where you can buy these and not spend so much on it.

 Ruffle Cropped Sweater.                Ruffle-Trim Cami                          Ruffled Top :  
Urban Outfitters $24.99                 Forever 21 $10.90                       Mango $29.99

Gingham. It has been used all this Spring but it can still be well used in Summer. If its either shirts, pants or dresses, you can still make it as a summer outfit and make it look fresh. In case some of you don't know what gingham is, I'll give you examples of it. 

           Image 4 of GINGHAM TOP WITH FRILLED SLEEVES from Zara        Gingham Midi Shirt Dress
Gingham Trousers               Smock Dress           Top with Frilled Sleeves    Gingham Midi Shirt Dress
 Boohoo $26.00                Topshop $68.00                Zara $35.90                         Forever 21 $15.99

Patterned patchwork. If its either flowers or other patterns, this has been very popular during the spring, but it can be passed to summer by the fresh look it gives and has. If you can't picture this, I'll give some examples.

     Patchwork Print Cami Dress       Image 3 of PATCHWORK PRINT FRILLY DRESS from Zara       
Nina Co-Ord Set                  Cami Dress                Patchwork Frilly Dress         Patchwork Sundress
Boohoo $30.00                Forever 21 $22.90                 Zara $39.90                      Topshop $90.00

Last but not least, Bold Stripes. This spring, stripes went to a whole new level and became bold. This trend was great to make a statement, and it still is. The bold stripes can work well with an outfit for summer. Check it out.

Image 3 of ASOS CURVE T-Shirt In Rainbow Stripe             Image 3 of ASOS CURVE Boxy T-Shirt in Block Stripe
 T-Shirt In Rainbow                  Shirt Dress           Striped Shirt Playsuit        Boxy T-Shirt in Block
       Asos $29.12                   Boohoo $30.00            Boohoo $44.00                   Asos $29.12

This Spring trend will work well for Summer as well. Don't feel bad if you don't have money to buy the latest trend. If you have any of this things in your closet, you can totally make it work for the summer. Just pair it with sandals or sneakers, and you have a summer outfit.

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