Met Gala 2016 - Favorite Looks

May 06, 2016
It has been over four days since the Met Gala, but it is still very much talked about. Well, not so much the event, but the fashion has still been talked about. Everyone knows that the Met Gala is like the Oscars for fashion and once again, the fashion didn't disappoint. I must say, some of the outfits were a little out of place but nonetheless amazing.

For starters, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik.

I mean, his sleeves were probably the best that I saw for the men's outfits. He did a very good job in portraying technology. I have to give him a round of applause. And Gigi, I very much liked her metallic nails and the rings she wore. It made them look very robotic.

Taylor Swift.

I am really loving her rocker girl look. And she really slayed that dress with those shoes. It really upped her outfit. Great job Taylor, hands down to one of my favorite looks.

Kristen Stewart.

Her dress looked like space. It was truly such a cool look, with her eyeshadow and everything.

Kate Hudson.
I seriously fell in love with her dress. Its like the pieces were just screwed together and made into a dress, although that may sound weird, it looks absolutely beautiful.

Emma Watson.
And to think what she's wearing is made out of recycled. Emma does it again with her great fashion taste.

Alicia Vikander.
So chic. Alicia did spunk it up with the shoes she wore but she still looks very chic in her dress.

Blake Lively.
Just look at the picture, it speaks for itself.

Saoirse Ronan.
Although I may not always like fluffy things on clothes, this dress is very pretty

Selena Gómez.
It is not as extravagant or anything, but it did go with the theme. I loved how she also spunk it up with the shoes.

Kate Bosworth.
I loved all the silver details in her dress and her crown.

Jenni Konner, Jenna Lyons and Lena Dunham.
Just plain amazing.

Cindy Crawford.
Loved how all the Balmain dress looks. They were just amazing.

Although there were a lot more amazing looks, I won't put them here because we will probably be here all day!
Anyways, these were just some of the many looks I liked.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures.

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