How to rock Boyfriend Jeans.

May 19, 2016
As you all might know, this blog is specialized in Plus Size fashion, but I will be giving advice to those who are not plus size as well. So yes, it will be mixed. What I want to do here is to make girls, no matter what size they are, feel comfortable in there own skin.

That said, this post will be about how to rock boyfriend jeans. Now, if you could never actually know how to wear your boyfriend jeans, I will give you some tips.

Boyfriend jeans with a tee. This is probably one of the easiest to combine, you can pair it up with any graphic tee or just a plain tee and you'll be ok. Just pair it up with sandals, heels, or some white kicks and a cute handbag and you have a complete chic outfit.

Boyfriend jeans with a blouse. Blouse is a totally different thing from a tee, and it also gives it a different look. It makes it just a tad bit less casual than what a tee would look like.

Boyfriend jeans and a Crop Top. Now for plus sizes, don't be afraid of this, show off what you got. Be confident, don't live by the supposed rules that there are. If you want to use a crop top, go ahead, its your body after all and don't listen to haters. If you just don't feel comfortable using crop tops, don't force yourself. Fashion, for me, is whatever you feel most comfortable with. But just remember learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.

Boyfriend jeans with a Sweater. For those cold days when all you have to wear is a sweater, you can pair it up with some boyfriend jeans.

Boyfriend jeans with a Coat. For those much colder days, put on a trench coat or a petti coat, it will give it a chic look.

Boyfriend jeans with Blazers. Yes, you can pull off a formal outfit with boyfriend jeans. Although sometimes its best if you wear trousers, boyfriend jeans can go well if you are attending a family dinner or dinner at a restaurant or brunch, or any event where it is casual/formal.

**Disclaimer: I Do Not Own any of the pictures, credit goes to the owners.**

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