Four Ways to Style a Basic White Tee

May 27, 2016
A Basic White Tee will always be the go-to fashion outfit out there. It is easy to combine and you will always want to have one in your closet, or several. You can probably style it for every occasion and although I won't go deep into it, here are just four ways to style it.

White Tee and Jeans is one of the most simple ones and one that will never go out of style. Here are some ways that you can style your white tee with jeans.

White Tee and Trousers. You can use your basic tee for a more formal setting. It works well and it looks very chic if you add some accessories.

White Tee and A Skirt. This could go very well if you work in an office or other professional setting. A skirt could never go wrong, right? This can go easily on any occasion and it works really well. It can also be worn with sneakers and it will still look chic.

Basic White Tee and Shorts. For those summer hot days, shorts will go great with a white tee. Just pair them up with sneakers or heels if its a little bit more formal.


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