Fourth of July!

July 03, 2015

Fourth of July is tomorrow and everyone is excited for the celebration. Either you are barbequing with the family, or going to the beach to relax, or just staying home and doing nothing, just relaxing. Everyone is just excited. This year my immediate family thought to just stay home and relax. Almost every year we go out with other family members but this year we thought to just stay amongst ourselves. I love spending time with my family so I know that even though we won't be doing much, tomorrow will be special for us.
I hope everyone has a safe Fourth of July. Party safe, don't drink too much or party too hard, be safe out there and enjoy the holiday with your family.

So for this, I wanted to show my pride in being American. Although I don't have a piece of clothing that actually has the flag, I still stuck to the colors. Red, White and Blue.
I stuck with plain blue jeans, a white plain T-shirt, a baggy blue button up shirt, and my Sanuk Red Booties. I have to tell you guys, those shoes are so comfortable. You feel like if you are walking barefoot, I love them. It was actually a rare find for me. I was searching for shoes, I didn't expect to actually buy red shoes but there I am. Red is my favorite color, so for me to find red shoes that I actually like, I was amazed. As for the button up shirt, I love it. I wanted something baggy to put over, and when I found that shirt, I immediately fell in love with it.

Well here's to Fourth of July!!!! Have a safe Holiday!!

Blue button up shirt: Marie Claire
Shoes: Sanuk

Photography by: Christian Rodsan

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