Black Stripes and Nike's

July 07, 2015

Hello there! So today its all black and white. I love this shirt because it gives it a really loose feel to it. And as you may know from my previous posts, I use a lot of flowy or loose shirts. As for shoes, I paired this outfit with my Nike's. To be honest, I've had those shoes for years, and I think I need to buy new ones. But every time I have a chance to buy new ones, I never end up buying them because I'm the type of person who won't throw out my shoes or clothes until I see them torn. But of course I buy different shoes throughout that time, so I keep accumalatibg then over the years.

Also, I pair the shirt and the shoes with black jeans, but when it's an extremely hot day, I usually change the black jeans to blue jeans. Because in Texas, the days can get super hot and with no air, so when it gets like that, and you are wearing all black, you will more than likely dehydrate.

Also, I'm in love with that owl necklace. You will probably see me wearing it all the time, as well as the turtle necklace from my last post. Those two are my favorites.

So there you have it! Thanks for tuning in today. I'll see y'all on Friday ;)
Have a nice day.


Shoes: Nike

Photography by: Christian Rodsan

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