June 26, 2015

Hello you beautiful readers! 

Today is about mixing colors. I wanted to wear that shirt cause I love it, I didn't know what to wear with it though. I didn't want to wear jeans because I was going to a dressy casual event. So I was between wearing black or gray jeggings. I was leaning more towards the black ones but I kept thinking that I always wear black, maybe it was time to change colors, so I went with the gray. To be honest, I wasn't very convinced about the colors. I was frustrated that I couldn't get it right. And I was also in a hurry. Then I went crazy when I realized that I didn't have any shoes that could go with the outfit. It was stressful, very stressful. I was running around my room looking for shoes to wear. I kept looking over all my shoes, it was like, I have a bunch of shoes but yet I can't find any to match? It was driving me insane. Then all of a sudden I saw my "Loot" flats from Restricted. It was like a lifesaver. I made the outfit casual with just adding flats to it, and I saw that it worked. I was very happy with how it turned out. To be honest, it is one of my favorite outfits. Especially with those flats that are super comfortable!

Shoes: Restricted

Photography by: Christian Rodsan

See y'all next week. ;)

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